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The Interactive Streaming Network


Our VISION is to SMASH UP the linear content models of today and to  create the future of Media Entertainment where everybody gets to play & generate fair value.

Our MISSION is to help Media Brands, Media Owners & Creators take back control of Content IP, Community and Monetisation from Social Networks, scaling fast on a Web 3.0 pathway.

Our VALUE is that we make it easy to create better content, easy for fans to play & create and easy to build and monetise fast-growing communities around amazing content experiences.


The CREATOR ECONOMY* will be  worth $8 TRILLION by 2025.

* (Media Entertainment, Social, Gaming & eCommerce) 

Image by Rodion Kutsaiev

The Status Quo

But ... Media Brands, Media Owners and Creators face some overwhelming challenges to get their FAIR share...

> It is increasingly difficult to engage & monetise on social networks 

> It is hard to break through DIGITAL NOISE with linear content formats 

> Creators big and small are stuck in the current Social Media Ecosystem

> Entertainment brands are slashing 1000s of hours of programming

> The entire industry is clinging to unstable tech for 'hail marys' 
> There is no clear pathway for Web 3.0 futures

> The industry is two steps behind its fans who want to create and get better access to their favourite content brands & creators

We  help Media Brands, Media Owners & Creators take back control of Content IP, Community and Commerce, moving beyond Social Networks towards Web 3.0 futures...


We are revolutionising content formats, fan enagagement  & monetisation models where you are in control...


Get the revenues you deserve and the creative freedom to scale faster...


We help transform linear formats & engagement models to create incredible new content experiences to delight your audience...

Finally, a network which understands what 'social' media was meant to be and cares about it's creators....

Nova Lorraine, Author, Creator, Futurist, Fashion Designer


We turn your audience from passive consumers to active participants in your content narratives where they can watch, interact or create...


We  provide new strategic & commercial content models to drive multiple new revenue streams and dramatically scale your digital engagement and growth potential.

Playhuman is the natural evolution of how we tell, receive and grow global stories that connect us to what is most important, our humanity.

Aaron Wahle, Former VP Marketing, Sony Pictures

 "I am beyond excited to see how Playhuman will change the creator landscape and close the gap between social media and reality".

Lisa Guldenaar


POV Influencer Agency 

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This is fair & equitable, content  & community-led.
This is eye-level engagement where you CREATE and your audience can PLAY.

We have a 3-step process we call The Playhuman Pathway



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